overstatement là gì

The word 'tragedy' in the tragedy of the commons no longer seems lượt thích an overstatement if that is correct.

It would be an overstatement to tát say that local groups were radically homogenous, whatever that would mean.

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Yet these episodes of reader response are not easily converted into general arguments-or general arguments that avoid overstatement.

On the other hand, claiming that patients lack conscious experience is also an overstatement.

And it is open to tát us, if challenged, to tát supply further instances of overstatement from the same toàn thân of materials.

In particular, we identify two issues : the omitted cost problem and the overstatement of the retirement response.

It is not an overstatement to tát say that this book presents a more socially oriented and synthetic approach to tát discourse for the twenty-first century.

Moreover, the main characteristic of demarcations by such organisations is their overstatement of their case.

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This trend towards hasty overstatement can sometimes derail an argument.

This is a bit of a rhetorical overstatement.

This was, of course, an overstatement and it needs correction.

Similar overstatements and factual errors occasionally weaken otherwise insightful arguments.

However, there is an overstatement of pollution from these sources since we are attributing all the pollution to tát industry.

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It is also an overstatement to tát suggest that ' traditional trading patterns collapsed ' with the advent of colonialism (p. 3).

Again, this seems to tát be an overstatement.

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