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You could, of course, reply that this being an exceptional situation (as it is in this example), the toll on overpopulation would be imperceptible.

These problems increased day by day due to lớn lack of efficient auditing, overpopulation and accelerated migration to lớn urban areas, wrong location choices, and unplanned industrialization.

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The result was a vast overpopulation of composers, whose numbers swelled even as their outlets contracted.

Another lesson is that fast economic growth combined with inadequate government policies can be as devastating for the environment as overpopulation and intense poverty.

In the last analysis, overpopulation receives most of the blame, but the current materialistic attitude of the developed world is given almost equal credit.

The question then becomes one of finding a way to lớn prevent overpopulation and destruction of that life-support system.

In fact, when replacing an overpopulation category by its sons, it may well be the case that some of its sons are underpopulated.

That problem is population, or more specifically, human overpopulation.

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The study of networks in migration history so sánh far seems to lớn employ less explicit models kêu ca the overpopulation approach.

Other social liabilities such as war fare, interruption of trade routes, impoverishment of soil nutrients, and overpopulation would have exacerbated relationships with the background conditions.

Respondents were asked about advanced industrialized country resource consumption, the operations of multinational corporations, and developing country overpopulation.

This is a good example of different levels at which one can identify a case of "overpopulation" under diverse circumstances.

Their absence is certainly conspicuous, given the implicit focus on reproduction, as the source of overpopulation and the consequent "vice and misery," within the text.

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The land-subdivision and overpopulation theses imply a causal connection between being poor compared to lớn other people in the land of origin and the decision to lớn emigrate.

A pervasive hazard causes a gradual reduction in the resource potential of a landscape and affects the resident population in much the same way as overpopulation.

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