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In addition, other outreach programmes are limited to lớn single days in the year or a monthly public lecture, and are not accredited courses.

In this way, education and public outreach has a direct impact on the growing field of astrobiology.

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Outreach by volunteers enhances treatment concordance, a critical variable which affects long-term health in mental health care as well as physical health problems.

Most, if not all, of the centers provide outreach clinic services at smaller cities in distant parts of their catchment area, for assessment and follow-up.

The concern in this paper is briefly to lớn rehearse these arguments but essentially to lớn take the point further in connection with outreach and education.

Interactive techniques (audit/feedback, academic detailing/outreach, and reminders) are the most effective at simultaneously changing physician care and patient outcomes.

For the purpose of this study, the outreach programme will be used to lớn discuss the latent powers of theatre to lớn contribute to lớn conflict transformation.

The initial education outreach should carefully identify and address concerns associated with fairness.

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There was some discussion about the formation of an "outreach" committee, as was indicated in the review document.

The public outreach potential for an airplane mission is also very high.

These have included the dissemination of written educational materials, didactic educational sessions, local consensus conferences, audit with prescriber feedback, physician prompting, and educational outreach mechanisms.

Implications for effective outreach to lớn farm forest owners are offered.

There were twenty-three comparisons of multifaceted inter ventions involving educational outreach.

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The three hospitals that used the service for pediatric referrals continued as before to lớn host outreach clinics.

The main characteristics of the model were peergroup discussions, facilitated by an outreach team, on individual feedback on both process and outcome regarding clinical decisions.

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