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Our task-based approach is presented in view of a rigorous mathematically-based optimization formulation, where cost functions characterizing human performance measures are implemented.

Indeed, in the robotic field the solution of the force distribution in multi-chains mechanisms is not unique and involves the solution of an optimization problem.

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The core of the material is presented in sufficient detail that the survey may serve as a text for teaching constrained global optimization.

One of the main targets of the optimization was lớn increase the liên hệ ratio of the gear pair.

Yet it is precisely such variations, whose number may explode combinatorially, that must be considered in network optimization applications.

This methodology will help us lớn assign lớn optimization theory a definite methodological status.

In some cases, the optimization code converged lớn different solutions depending on the initial condition.

The optimization allows for more general goals than vãn strictly necessary lớn be resolved.

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The transformed problem can be solved with a static optimization procedure.

The "cost" column shows the total number of simulations used in the 16 optimizations.

It is not the exact values of these numbers that matter, especially since it can be assumed that the optimization problems have several local minima.

Consider, for example, the simplest classical version of the optimization of consumption.

Common examples of reformulating optimization structure are the elimination of object design variables and the modification of tìm kiếm methods.

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The interplay of strengthening and relaxation is an old theme in optimization that goes under the name of primal-dual methods.

It also exploits meta-language type inference lớn perform object-language type inference (except on the optimization rules, which are expressed at the type-unsafe level).

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