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The story is told that there are two personalities among psychologists, optimists and pessimists, who see the glass as half full or half empty, respectively.

Not much comfort here for the optimists one would have thought, nor is there much convincing counter-scholarship saying anything different.

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Among the authors are both optimists and pessimists.

Some people are optimists, whereas others are pessimists.

At least, that is what this optimist thinks!

I am not (she said) an optimist but a meliorist.

The optimists might argue that the invention has now been made.

Although the above remarks may appeal to tướng pessimists, this volume will offer further hope to tướng optimists.

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The classical utilitarians are often thought of as optimists who regarded everything as malleable or plastic in the name of human progress.

But at the moment such optimists are distinctly unwelcome among environmentalists.

But such progress has been remarkable in the last two centuries and the optimist might hope that it could continue indefinitely.

As this review has attempted to tướng show, when looked at closely, even optimists did not hold out much hope for tsarism as it existed.

Of course, a civilization of optimists might believe that nothing could possibly go wrong with their probes.

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The optimist may argue that pressure is building up behind the dam, and that at some point there will be radical change.

The optimist in the debate suggested the compounding effect of geometric technological progress is daunting in its effects.

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