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Unfortunately, many cognitive scientists have opted for a preferred cognitive paradigm while ignoring or misinterpreting critical technical issues.

No matter what type of process has been selected, all recent plants have opted to lớn disinfect their effluent prior to lớn discharge.

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As my theory predicts, she first opted to lớn implement less costly tools that were available to lớn her, such as purges and patronage appointments.

Twelve patients underwent surgical repair and one patient opted for medical management.

Those proclaimed to lớn be 'kin' by the employer frequently let down their patron, opting for those employers who can provide regular work and income.

Its proponents opt for a more reflexive perspective on museums and their visitors.

We opted to lớn compare our simulations with the odd day observations.

Neither of these choices offers an attractive life strategy, but, out of sheer informational desperation, more and more people are opting for the second alternative.

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Instead, it opted for what it saw as the safer path of conformity.

It meant opting for and cultivating a positivistically orientated scientific ethos, for an emancipation from the ethos of the các buổi tiệc nhỏ soldier.

Most psychologists studying later-life well-being have opted for the second explanation, and embarked on a tìm kiếm for the mechanisms entailed.

Of the various approaches to lớn personality, they are clearly opting for trait and social cognitive approaches as the likely sources of valid data.

More boys kêu ca girls appeared to lớn be concerned about the importance of friends opting for the same subjects.

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The paper demonstrates that such universities have opted for a rather flexible policy on the medium of education.

The first solution is simple and effective, but we opted for the third alternative because it has fewer limitations.

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