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To let respondents spontaneously express their opinions, an open-ended question requested of them đồ sộ list conditions in their companies which they found attractive and unattractive.

Five starting prices, which were chosen based on answers đồ sộ open-ended questions in the pilot survey, were assigned đồ sộ respondents randomly and roughly proportionately.

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The interview consisted of a series of open-ended questions, plus an option đồ sộ give additional information or opinions.

Subjects completed self-report measures, and were then interviewed by research psychologists and psychiatrists who administered structured and open-ended assessment schedules.

This flexible, open-ended approach đồ sộ visual style automates qualitative rerepresentations, learns from the data phối unsupervised, and modifies assessments according đồ sộ design context.

The incentive đồ sộ put forward underfinanced proposals is weakened compared đồ sộ a system where entitlement appropriations are open-ended.

The 'open-ended' responses were categorized into two general areas: admitted carelessness ('not careful', 'didn't follow prescription', 'removed diaphragm too soon', etc.) and medical-technical problems.

Individual minds mutually interact within this converging landscape in an open-ended time horizon, exploiting its features in distinctive ways.

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For crops, an open-ended question was used so sánh that farmers could list the crops they grew.

Thirdly, there is no recognition that dissemination is an open-ended activity which, if it is đồ sộ be completed satisfactorily, might extend over several years.

For open-ended questions, results were summarised by grouping similar opinions and by calculating the percentages for particular opinions.

The open-ended responses generated a myriad of issues that were coded and organized along themes.

They are offered as an open-ended entitlement đồ sộ those urban households whose income falls below the officially defined poverty thresholds, with variations among cities.

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One author reviewed the open-ended responses and identified a respondent as having one of the 17 chronic conditions when appropriate.

The open-ended nature of this term gives the citizen no determinate legal guidance on what kind of manipulative conduct is đồ sộ be avoided.

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