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In 1913 the village was said to tướng be 67 years old.

The choir of the old church with frescos dating to tướng 1440 still exists.

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The film was about the generation gap and taking care of one's older parents.

He will be 59 years old in năm trước.

The median age for males were 35.2 years old, while the median age for females were 35.5 years old.

He begins to tướng flirt with the customers and matchmake both for an old friend and for the man he works with.

D declines, saying that he simply came to tướng repay a favor to tướng an old friend, who feared no one would mourn her death.

The king met an old friend of his who pointed out the alleged assassin.

He has reserved for his old friend the greatest honor possible: glorious death at his hands.

It's lượt thích revisiting an old friend you haven't seen for a long time.

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They include a baby, a small child, a young couple in love, a 30-year-old man, a couple divorcing and, finally, an old lady.

A tall grey haired fussily dressed old lady bleating lượt thích all the rest.

An old lady out on a stroll is talking to tướng her dog.

Oh, we had all been so sánh happy there, with the old lady and the monkey.

Someone needs to tướng be able to tướng give the old lady her cup of tea while the robots play chess.

Old folks home page which are staffed by untrained helpers are not suitable for such patients.

Two years ago, we watched as a few of the nurses in the old folks home page across the way put out a bird feeder.

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No doubt some residents of the old folks home page found the pigeons' cooing pleasant, even soothing.

What's the difference between a retirement village and a nursing/old folks home?

Festive fun in an old folks home page.