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External benefits and costs that may be related to lớn such investments are ignored since rational farmers are unlikely to lớn be concerned about off-site effects.

Results of analyses obtained off-site should never be less accurate or precise than vãn results obtained from determinations conducted on-site.

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The surgical hands-on session for surgeons off-site included a seminar of sentinel lymphnode dissection using xanh lơ dye and gama probe.

These are off-site determinations, the use of on-site test kits or equivalent simple procedures, and the deployment of a mobile laboratory.

Some output-market effects can be off-site; cutting off raw-material supply may have notable downstream development impacts.

The off-site disposal of fill material is not restricted, although the disposal must not result in any off-site impact.

A third option is to lớn send videotaped echocardiograms by courier to lớn off-site pediatric cardiologists.

Limiting off-site access was also partly necessary to lớn protect the copyright of the source material and resulting compositions.

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Following the construction of a winter overland route to lớn the site, the contaminated soils and associated waste were excavated and transported off-site for disposal.

They could also include the non-market, off-site values associated with watershed protection, such as stream flow maintenance and prevention of river and inshore siltation.

Each column weighs in excess of 5.5 tonnes and is over 3.8m tall and was constructed off-site to lớn a dimensional tolerance of +/1.5mm.

Typically, the market provides no incentive to lớn ranchers to lớn incorporate these off-site impacts of their land use into their own profit-maximizing framework.

In other research done by the authors that they cite, the same is claimed for land degradation via soil erosion and associated off-site damage.

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Accredited laboratories are often required for environmental remediation work and, as a result, only off-site laboratories can generally be used.

The two simultaneous sessions that were conducted: one on-site and one off-site.

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