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Some brandy is also produced in the north where fruit is more readily available.

New areas of land in the north and south of the designated area were brought into production for new development.

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There are ridge and furrow areas đồ sộ the north and west.

The eight pillaredportico of the temple rose high above the north courtyard.

The system would be a north seeking stable platform controlled by gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Holly Springs is a suburb (or an exurb, depending on your attitude) of Raleigh, North Carolina.

By mid-2013, Chemtex wants đồ sộ break ground on a like-sized plant that would employ 67 people in North Carolina.

Local police responded đồ sộ the Corbett's residence in North Carolina just after 3am on 2 August.

A municipal "smart city" wireless network was established in Wilmington, North Carolina in the US in 2011.

These lax laws have made North Carolina a safe-haven for inhumane puppy mills lượt thích this one.

There are four steel pole tips, two opposing magnetic north poles and two opposing magnetic south poles.

This "geodynamo" occasionally reverses its polarity -- the magnetic north and south poles swap places.

Dream sleep appears đồ sộ reset the magnetic north of our emotional compass.

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In order đồ sộ make them more compatible with systems that depend on magnetic north, magnetic north is often chosen, at the pilot's preference.

A few years ago he added a compass reading that shows magnetic north, đồ sộ help determine the prevailing wind.

True north strong and stigma-free.

My advice is đồ sộ trust your own true north.

The same diagram may show the angle of grid north (the direction of the map's north-south grid lines), which may differ from true north.

But no country's musical output is perfect, and the true north strong and không lấy phí is no exception.

Declination is essentially the difference between true north and magnetic north.

The company plans đồ sộ be in the top three non-premium brands (in North America) for dependability and quality by năm nhâm thìn.

It's chock-full of old hardware, including mint Famicoms (released as the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES in North America) and Disk Systems.

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It's the kind of urban gardening that's flourishing across North America, as forward-thinking businesses take advantage of unused urban spaces đồ sộ make an environmental impact.

In 2010, Toronto became the first thành phố in North America đồ sộ enact a green-roof bylaw.

According đồ sộ the report, the North America erectile dysfunction drugs market stood at US$2.1 bn in 2012.