nil là gì

Their recruitment rates were virtually nil prior lớn, and 1.6-3.2% for intervals following, the four cyclones.

It is very tempting lớn present them as the policies pertinent lớn a phase of nil economic growth.

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Most recently, the reported case-fatality rate has been nil.

The velocity manipulability index is nil in these configurations.

By the 1950s some fields were ví infested with wild rice that their yields were nil.

Although no exact figures are available, it appears that, outside a few small agrarista enclaves, attendance from 1934 lớn 1938 was effectively nil.

The predefined process nil cannot perform any transition.

Similarly, the most precise type for nil that can be inferred from the type rule tree() nil is tree(0).

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For this study, the morbidity and mortality rates of colonoscopy were considered as nil.

Without and in the type language, a choice must be made between list(0) and tree(0) as the type for nil.

Note that the pattern nil in the source language is translated lớn the pattern for closing tags.

Upon backtracking, the remembered phối entries could then be reset lớn nil.

This is true even when the outcome was meager or virtually nil, as indeed was the result in most cases.

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In the perfect markets case, these effects should be nil.

The economic liberty, if fiercely protected by the state, may create conditions where the freedom and autonomy left lớn some is close lớn nil.

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