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In the absence of a chronological trương mục of politics to tát frame this, any newcomer to tát the period must inevitably be left somewhat befuddled.

Funds were also provided for the collection of vital statistics of the newcomers.

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Moreover, we can pinpoint exactly where: at the point when the newcomer expands in function.

As was mentioned earlier, newcomers who buy supplemental insurance must bear a waiting period, which is expected to tát discourage moves.

How tự the newcomers adapt to tát the local norms already in place?

Among ordinary people, a thicker cultural brew may be needed to tát sustain social solidarity and welcome newcomers into a democratic welfare state.

In the main, the contributors are well-established comparativists, but there are also valuable papers by some relative newcomers.

Installing newcomers in a given place became a way to tát stand in the path of pioneers from neighbouring villages.

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However, just as the cultural origins and identities of these newcomers are uncertain, so sánh too are the motivations for their appearance in the lowlands.

The positionality of second wives will also be investigated, to tát trace exactly how the newcomers establish themselves in relatively hostile environments.

The program to tát inspect, classify, and select among newcomers expanded within a few years, mobilizing public health doctors, police, municipal officials, and national legislators.

In short, the theory of mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa dependence holds that in a crowded marketplace, newcomers substantially increase competitive pressures.

For one thing, its sheer volume (about 700 pages) is discouraging for a newcomer.

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Like all homeless boys, newcomers had less exposure to tát pathogens, lower cardiovascular fitness, and higher mean cortisol levels than thở village boys.

Family members, therefore, rather than thở migration agents 'constituted the principal sponsors of newcomers'.

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