negotiate là gì

Furthermore, the result can be based on negotiating skills.

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The prospect of allowing contract prices in a government postal service, based on judgment and negotiating skills, raises another question.

Any reading will thus "miss" (it will not mean the same as might have been expected), and so sánh the language must be negotiated.

They negotiated for a self-possessed moral standing within the world.

A royalty of between 10 and 15 per cent of the retail price of the sheet music could be negotiated for the composer.

Usually, these đơn hàng can be negotiated for a short term.

In fact, its pictures and stories depend upon the negotiating power of fashion đồ sộ make any sense at all.

The limits are đồ sộ be negotiated and the new agreement will take the size of a directive timed for 1987.

Oddly for a book on poetry, the issue of language is obtusely negotiated throughout.

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Dozens of international environmental treaties have been negotiated and ratified.

Which agent was it that the company negotiated with?

An excellent chapter on aims, for example, takes some persistence in negotiating the tables, figures and surrounding text.

Instead, these households seem đồ sộ have been rather loose associations of individuals, who were constantly negotiating power among themselves.

In the political and cultural contexts of development and social change, these issues are continuously negotiated.

There should be attempts at negotiated conflict resolution, open communication with codification of goals of care, and, if necessary, peer review of attendingphysician judgment.

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