negligence là gì

Prospective research subjects should not be invited to lớn consent to lớn what by law would constitute negligence in the practice of medicine.

Complaints can cover any aspect of the solicitor's work, excluding negligence.

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All those involved in its making must bear culpability for the sheer human cost of their astounding negligence.

The payment of damages for negligence, is, in contrast, entirely without redeeming features.

There have been some dramatic prosecutions of commercial fraud, or what may be seen as criminal negligence.

Such cases exemplify how, even though a negligence claim may be successful, damages are still not awarded.

What is needed, therefore, is a justification for punishing criminal negligence that will not extend to lớn ordinary negligence.

If negligence is itself wrongdoing and the parties are equally negligent, then-it might be argued-the liability of the parties ought to lớn be similar.

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As is no doubt obvious, implementing a natural lottery rule is superficially identical to lớn the standard practice of negligence law.

We bởi not even begin to lớn think of seeking compensation for mere negligence but almost always only for actual harm suffered.

We then look at the usage of the word "negligence," because this is a way to lớn gain access to lớn our intuitions about the concept.

Three senior medical officials were convicted of criminal negligence and fraud and were sentenced to lớn prison.

Suppose two people disagree about an important issue, and the disagreement is not due to lớn one party's epistemic negligence or obliviousness to lớn relevant evidence.

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The perception of physician negligence was associated with elevated anger.

The others were found guilty of financial impropriety or negligence causing losses of revenue to lớn the state.

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