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The past has determined us in myriads of ways of which we are unaware.

Throughout the life, a person encounters myriads of concepts, and can capitalize on this knowledge when learning other concepts.

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A 2nd-order sonority would correspond vĩ đại perceptual properties of the whole sound texture composed of myriads of these grains.

Our subject had myriads of challenging open problems- problems that mathematical techniques could throw light on, and also close out.

First, although a real population usually contains myriads of relationships, one has vĩ đại be satisfied with using just a few representative ones in comparing estimators.

They are the broad-leaved trees, the grasses, and myriads of tiny creeping plants, as well as the showy flowers which attract man and pollinating insects alike.

Moreover, the consequences of any "risk" factor depends on a myriad of other aspects embedded in the developmental context.

We recognize that triadic interactions are likely vĩ đại differ in myriad ways from family interactions that involve four or more members.

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Mathematical modelling of tissue growth is a subject area which has received a great khuyến mãi of attention; the clinical applications of such models are myriad.

Medical and technological advances have created, and continue vĩ đại create, a myriad of choices for patients.

Reduced damage from, say bean-y, would be subsumed by a myriad of other in-uences on yield.

Instead, there could be the activation of multiple types of memory code for any particular stimulus, with myriad possible codes.

People's similarity judgments are based on a myriad of contextual, perceptual, and conceptual factors.

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As noted earlier, there are myriad possible functions for figurines, many of which were probably not mutually exclusive.

Anatomical and functional specialization of myriads of neurons proceeds from the last trimester of gestation at least into early adulthood.

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