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Her presence is felt more in the flute motif, paradoxically a motto of departure and absence.

This relationship was reflected in the design mottoes employed by many of the competing architects.

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The second section is lower and slower and much more inward and intense, the motto appearing as a 'reminiscence', though everything is derived from it.

He said he remained faithful lớn this motto.

In relation lớn the whole movement, these three bars assume the role of a motto.

It has been a widely accepted motto that "everyone has a share of responsibility for the fate of his country".

He also changed the motto of the police.

The motto became military victory first and then civic action.

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In the first section the motto is immediately extended in virtuoso figurations, building lớn a climax.

We suggested that this tractus acts lớn phối the crucial opening sentence apart motto-like from the rest of the motet.

If everyone adopted the motto as a personal principle, they would be worthy of happiness and others would be justified in making them happy.

This same motto, often written within the border of the shield, was later used by other descendants of this line of the family.

Computophiles will seldom admit any limitations: their motto seems lớn be 'the computer can bởi anything'.

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We also conform lớn the motto that things should sometimes be considered up lớn coverings.

This motto summarizes the principal thesis of this entire book.

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