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Lastly, opportunities for social prestige, political influence and patronage may also be part of business leaders' motivations.

Taking criminal motivations as" given" seems a rather glib way of dealing with them.

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The advantages of the postclassical approach apply wherever the motivations towards particular criminal actions are vastly more prevalent phàn nàn the actions.

Only on this level of global disciplinary concerns can we understand the deep-level motivations for this inter-disciplinary liên kết.

Our response should be đồ sộ investigate the contemporary motivations đồ sộ such claims and the social, political and legal institutions that seek đồ sộ wield ethnic identity.

The fact that motivations for mixing are diverse helps explain why mixed languages are not uniform.

His dissociation became much more effective because he could maintain his private/public dissociation by taking people's personal motivations and beliefs into trương mục.

Achieving an understanding of mortgagees' motivations is complicated by our discovery that mortgages were not all the same.

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We consider only four possible motivations because this suffices đồ sộ develop our argument.

There were three primary motivations for this extension.

Belief in the caring generosity of physicians falsifies what we know about them by emphasizing their virtues and underplaying their other commitments and motivations.

There is, of course, another important difference between captors and healthcare providers - in addition đồ sộ the difference in their respective motivations.

However, asylum evaluations are complex and motivations are multifold and multifaceted.

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They advertised widely the occurrence of crime and actively moulded its definition, suggesting motivations and dynamics for criminal behaviour.

The agents' motivations: the interests, preferences, responsibilities and goals of the agents, which drive their behaviour.

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