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If it does, then this modifier is considered an object and the symbol is removed from the list.

Predictably, no modifiers can then intervene between the head and the relative clause.

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The third is structural use, where the is used with a first-mention noun that has a modifier.

The only step performed for irrelevant modifiers is the computation of the tìm kiếm path, a rapid operation of graph traversing.

Otherwise, the modifier is considered an adverbial modifier.

The order of these terms is consistent in always placing all ingredient terms before the only recognized plant-type modifiers.

These determiner genitives easily vary with corresponding noun modifiers in contexts where the whole construction is definite and specific.

That is, in this case a new context has become available in prenominal position, being realized either as a temporal modifier or as an s-genitive.

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That is, they are all optionally complementized sentences containing some kind of gap, and are complements, not modifiers.

Section 3 will evaluate the criteria (both semantic and syntactic) put forward for distinguishing between complements and modifiers.

I will argue that the differences between relational and nonrelational nouns, and between complements and modifiers, are best explained in cognitive terms.

Nevertheless, it is generally acknowledged that of can introduce both complements and modifiers.

What is problematic is that it is now impossible to tướng structurally distinguish between peripheral modifiers and predeterminers.

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Below we will show how the semantics of the modifier is combined with the semantics of the constituent it modifies.

Such judgments are based on both biological reasoning and experience of where treatment effect modifiers have been detected in the past.

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