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Studies in the 1980s and 1990s revealed that the vesuvianite group was more complex kêu ca previously assumed, necessitating the definition of new minerals.

The loss on ignition is reported as part of an elemental or oxide analysis of a mineral.

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It readily substitutes for potassium in minerals, and is therefore fairly widespread.

An initial approach often involves screening for and, if necessary, treating any mineral deficiencies or other comorbid conditions.

Electrolysis naturally attracts calcium and other minerals đồ sộ the plates.

The young guide left the miners on the second night after the discovery and after being paid.

Miners wages at up đồ sộ 16s 0d a day were above the industry minimum of 9s 9d.

It was believed that the trapped miners were somewhere between 11000to13000 ft from the entrance.

The salaries of miners alone were đồ sộ consume $919 million, more kêu ca one percent of the federal budget.

Financing also came from local miners under the guise of improved mine safety.

Once and for all, the national government must determine who has the final authority in allowing small-scale miners đồ sộ extract and ship minerals abroad.

Furthermore, the industry can use both the minerals and the pyrolysis oil in their own production processes.

These minerals are used in several industries from steel and electronics đồ sộ jewellery and ceramics.

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In areas where they are not as spread out, there was no sign of the minerals.

This extreme close-up taken with a scanning electron microscope, shows the intricate structures of one of the many cave microorganisms which deposit minerals.

There are 3 known graphite mineralized zones running through the claims.

The mineral resource model has been prepared using 349 historical drill holes, where 3 main copper mineralized envelopes were defined.

Prior đồ sộ this discovery, no other groups have been able đồ sộ achieve high mineral loading when attempting đồ sộ mineralize collagen.

The top of its body toàn thân is protected by a hard, mineralized exoskeleton.

Persons consuming certain types of water may not be receiving the additional minerals that would be present in more highly mineralized waters.

Tax holiday for an undertaking engaged in the commercial production or refining of mineral oil, is available for an initial seven years.

If you find that your ears are still blocked after the occasional use of mineral oil, visit your doctor's office.

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She said it is known that mineral oil can be used in the aquaculture industry as a stabilizer in vaccines, or in pesticides and algaecides.

One way đồ sộ clean and maintain it is by pouring mineral oil on a cloth and wiping it across your countertops, sinks and other surfaces.

I generally advise the use of mineral oil.