migrate là gì

It flies all year in the extreme south, and migrates north in late summer and fall.

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They are omnivorous, and those that migrate vì thế sánh at night.

Economic conditions began forcing many to tướng migrate to tướng work, especially in agriculture for non- indigenous.

Many are migrating birds that share our spaces during certain times of the year.

Many species migrate considerable distances to tướng reach the requisite breeding locations.

Posterior mesoderm development presents two types of cell behaviors, cell migration and convergent extension, in prechordal mesoderm and chordamesoderm cells, respectively.

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Herring of different sizes and growth rates belong to tướng different populations, each of which have their own migration routes.

Presumably plant phytochromes are derived from an ancestral cyanobacterial phytochrome, perhaps by ren migration from the chloroplast to tướng the nucleus.

The most common complications include lead migration, lead breakage, and infection.

The considerable drop in population numbers was likely caused by the migration overseas.

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