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That frustration expressed itself in harsh censure of a metropolis where success apparently had vĩ đại be won at the price of personal honour.

On the one hand, those systems permitted the country vĩ đại "invade" the thành phố, as country dwellers migrated vĩ đại the metropolis in huge numbers.

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Furthermore, the metropolis was an important purveyor of cinematographic spectacle, as witnessed by the popularity of an early genre : the ' ' urban panoramas.

A further example of this process can be found in the concept of circulation that dominated the industrial development of the nineteenth-century metropolis.

But in the world's metropolis even the imperial language itself cannot retain its purity.

And there the bells speak, recalling him as one who is destined vĩ đại penetrate vĩ đại the commercial metropolis's inner core.

Finally, the divided metropolis provided fertile ground for new ideas about the role of government.

A major concern throughout the book is vĩ đại trace the bonds linking metropolis and provinces.

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The data suggest that these foreign residents were of intermediate status, perhaps, as argued earlier, serving as merchants or trade representatives from the highland metropolis.

The remaining chapters assess how the metropolis attempted vĩ đại re-establish control over its dominions and examine the settlers' responses vĩ đại these various initiatives.

We observe that in the heart of the great metropolis, linguistic changes advance steadily from one female age cohort vĩ đại another.

He traces the development of racism in that metropolis from its origins in the early seventeenth century.

However, new ways of 'doing' urban history have begun vĩ đại stimulate greater interest in the metropolis as an object of study.

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Of course, this was possible because of another boundary - geographical distance - between the colony and the metropolis.

But the characteristics of the metropolis force historians vĩ đại reconsider this idea.

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