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Yet the meaning of this frontispiece has been widely debated.

Others have determined it comes from the word "urhuapani", meaning blooming or sprouting.

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It comes from "much" or "mack", meaning something lượt thích moist or boggy.

There are various opinions as đồ sộ the meaning of the town's name.

The word noosh also has an older meaning; "destiny".

This also meant teachers were split between the three sites, traveling đồ sộ and fro đồ sộ teach at different locations in the same day.

It must emphasize the genuineness of the condition, that it is common, potentially reversible and does not mean that the sufferer is psychotic.

This means that the learning experience is subject đồ sộ the formal inspection and quality assurance processes of the further education sector.

The low inclination of its orbit means the star will only stray from the galactic plane.

Hake, however, was opposed đồ sộ optical telegraphy and devised several means of preventing the experiments from being implemented.

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It may cover vehicles with electrical means of propulsion, as well as electricity playing a role in their functionality.

The pectoral fins attach just behind and below the gill openings and are the primary means of locomotion, providing a slow, graceful appearance.

This difference of names means that the two texts are not directly related, but are probably both descended from a lost oral story.

The term, "kaipuleohone", means' gourd of sweet words' and symbolizes the impression of an accumulation of language material.

Many private schools will obtain accreditation and perform achievement tests as a means of demonstrating that the school is genuinely interested in educational performance.

Where is the offence located, if not in the original meaning of the word?

Perhaps in this, it has found its niche and will continue đồ sộ be an sự kiện, albeit one separated from its original meaning.

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Fleeting surely carries a little of its original meaning here, which is đồ sộ float, passive đồ sộ destiny rather than vãn a player in it.

And yet stripping those concerns away, đồ sộ recover the songs' original meaning, is not an easy task.

Ministerial priesthood is for service and today it has lost its original meaning.