meal là gì

At the kết thúc of the meal, the restaurant often brings a kettle of hot soba noodle water lớn add lớn the last of the broth.

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The meal is divided into three services: soup and fish; roasts; and desserts.

Some fast food corporations considered children their most important customers, owing lớn the success of the kids' meal.

After the meal they would put their hands back into the gloves, usually for the rest of the evening.

Many are designed lớn double as wood-fired ovens that allow homeowners lớn create meals such as pizzas and casseroles.

If you can honestly tell bủ the difference between -- and the varying uses for -- corn meal, corn flour, corn starch, masa harina, polenta, grits and hominy, then read no further.

Corn flour is the same thing as corn meal, but it's been ground finer.

We received only a few spoons of rotten corn meal each.

However, since the previous report, cash prices for coal and feed corn both increased moderately, those for corn meal, soybeans, and sorghum increased slightly, those for rice declined slightly.

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The northern version is more likely lớn be made with white flour rather phàn nàn corn flour or corn meal.

Take snacking, for instance, what we eat between meals shapes the day.

The idea that you don't eat between meals now seems as outdated as thinking you must wear a hat when you step out of the house.

We've got nothing against her, if she wants lớn come back and have a meal, we'd be happy lớn host her.

If we want lớn go outside and have a meal, then we take everything with us.

Go tự something different, have a meal with friends, go for a walk - any number of things that don't involve hanging out in a bar.

She would come trang chính lớn visit for the day, have a meal and leave.

You can sit down with somebody and have a meal that's reasonably priced and still get in and out in 45 minutes.

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