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The shoebill occurs in extensive, dense freshwater marshes.

The marshes are characterised by mesotrophic grassland on a river valley flood plain.

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The shallow pools of seawater within the marsh evaporated under the hot summer sun enjoyed by the island, leaving a gleaming crust of salt crystals.

The ecosystem is essentially a subtropical fresh water marsh composed of a variety of flora and fauna.

It is restricted to tướng marsh forest, that is, forest with a high water table year round but no significant flooding.

They include salt marsh herbs, grasses and reeds.

It was first described from a salt marsh.

The other problem was to tướng both protect the plant life and the salt marsh harvest mice residing around the highway.

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The vegetation consists largely of salt marsh plants.

In order of abundance they are: eelgrass meadows, mudflats, salt marsh, channel bottom, and rocky intertidal.

The funds for park restoration could also be used to tướng protect this ecosystem, and educate the public in understanding the value of this significant coastal salt-marsh habitat.

In coastal areas, breeding occurs in salt-marsh meadows with adjoining ponds or creeks.

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In summer, orange tendrils of salt-marsh dodder sprawl over the marsh, as if someone had sprayed luminous paint.

In total, 28 salt-marsh communities have been identified.

The island's northern and southern ends are both nature reserves, consisting of salt-marsh, shingle, sand dunes and brackish ponds.