make up your mind là gì

idiom (also make your mind up)

I haven't made up my mind where lớn go yet.

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Từ điển kể từ đồng nghĩa: những kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, trái khoáy nghĩa, và những ví dụ
  • decideI've decided lớn move lớn Sweden.
  • fixUK The price has been fixed at £10.
  • setHave you mix a date for the wedding?
  • finalizeWe've chosen a venue for the wedding, but we haven't finalized the details yet.
  • settleOK then, we're going lớn Spain. That's settled.
  • settle on/uponHave you settled on a place lớn live yet?

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make up your mind


"Which one vì thế you lượt thích best?" "I don't know – I can't trang điểm my mind."

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She made up her mind lớn điện thoại tư vấn him again.

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