loophole là gì

Although establishing new schools is not permitted, there is always a loophole that can be exploited.

Another loophole arose when a pensioner moved and transferred đồ sộ a different post office.

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The government did its best đồ sộ close down this constitutional loophole, telling petitioners that any necessary action would be taken by ministers.

Technology cannot close every loophole that exists in the social fabric.

Other lucrative areas were đồ sộ be found in land grabbing, urban real estate, and the exploitation of tax loopholes.

And this loophole may be no loophole at all, depending upon the details of natural physical laws' metaphysical implementations of indeterminism.

Not surprisingly, the law has its share of loopholes that will operate in the bureaucracy's favor.

However, the one-atom-one-event assumption has a loophole: if we cannot duplicate atoms, let us duplicate the events themselves.

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Extradition law was complex and provided alleged war criminals with legal loopholes through which escape might be possible.

Without a central regulating toàn thân, insufficient evaluation may lead đồ sộ approval of unethical practices and, eventually, procedural loopholes may be used intentionally.

It too, however, has a loophole; the use of calmative (riot-control) agents for law enforcement is not covered.

As a result, many loopholes which were intended đồ sộ be closed, survived or were closed only after longer transitional periods.

One remedy for this is đồ sộ close the loophole by incorporating restrictions on environmental policy into trade agreements.

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Any approach which focuses on procedure as a route đồ sộ justice25 (municipal or global) has the option of pointing đồ sộ that category as a 'loophole'.

The term ' loophole ' was used frequently at the time.

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