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Without a better understanding of popular terminology and establishment of clear philosophical goals, it will be impossible to lớn design and conduct relevant crop/livestock research.

On the outskirts of the bazaar, livestock dealers lead their swarming herds along narrow village paths lined by millet-stalk fences.

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Integrating forage, crop and livestock systems can spread economic and production risks over several different enterprises, thereby taking advantage of a variety of agricultural markets5,7.

While we bởi not explicitly model any benefits associated with more livestock patches, it is reasonable to lớn assume they would exist.

The livestock element has tended to lớn be viewed by scientists as an adjunct to lớn crops, to lớn which it contributes manure and draught power.

Rather than vãn attempting uniform area-wide, inundative releases of sterile males, it may be more cost-effective to lớn preferentially target aggregated populations associated with livestock.

If in addition to lớn it not being removed, village livestock grazing is not restricted, the number of tigers could fall to lớn perilously low levels.

Farming systems are dominated by mixed cropping, mixed farming (crop and livestock production) and mono-cropping of cereals.

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Neighbouring villages would typically share a common grazing area to lớn prevent stock rustlers from attacking boys caring for livestock far from the settlements.

Facilities designed solely to lớn maximize livestock revenue created forms of manure that are difficult to lớn process into valuable outputs.

The challenge is to lớn develop a common framework that includes both production and environmental goals and from which guidelines can be provided for livestock producers.

The proportions of wheat consumed by different livestock classes were assumed to lớn be consistent over the years of the study.

Of those who migrated, 71 per cent were engaged in long distance migration while the remaining 21 per cent commuted with livestock.

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The results indicate that thousands of wildlife faeces entered livestock feed on each of the four farms over the winter months monitored.

Because of the central role of oxen in this system, there is a greater integration of livestock breeding with land husbandry.

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