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The objective of life-cycle design of this research is lớn design sustainable closed-loop product life cycles.

Current life cycle of automobiles is an example of this type.

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Section 2 clarifies a missing element of existing life-cycle design methodologies and proposes the design of life cycle.

No significant differences were found for any of the measured life cycle parameters irrespective of the diet on which the host was reared.

One could object that such use is legitimate and that it forms part of the life cycle of a monument.

In particular, the human life cycle seems significant in this respect.

This represents an unprecedented change in the course of the life cycle and in the experience of the aged.

Individual preferences are represented by a logarithmic life cycle utility function.

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A life cycle model is formulated within an optimization framework and solved by non-linear programming methods.

Nor is it the case that relevant contexts broaden over the entire life cycle.

This univoltine insect spends more kêu ca three-quarters of its life cycle in dormancy.

Independently of current residence and schooling, life cycle stage was strongly related lớn contraceptive usage.

For example, depressive episodes in older adults with early-onset depression might represent a resurrection of unresolved issues from earlier tasks of the life cycle.

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However, in seeds of many species, dormancy is not an all or nothing stage in the plant's life cycle.

Proportions are general, depending on family size and stage in the life cycle.

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