lemonade là gì

Perhaps one group is right and the other wrong, but neither is postulating a policy as ridiculous as oceans full of lemonade.

Where did the boy get the lemonade đồ sộ splash on his face?

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After a quick lunch of lemonade and crisps you may be tempted đồ sộ abandon the gairaigo game.

Then vì thế the swains appear with tea, with lemonade, with sandwiches, with homage.

Cans of lemonade are filled by a machine which is phối đồ sộ dispense an amount which is normally distributed with mean 330 ml and standard deviation 2.4 ml.

We watched all day on both occasions but saw nothing, though the sandwiches and lemonade we brought with us đồ sộ be quite sure we missed nothing were greatly enjoyed.

I believe that alcoholic lemonades, the ready-made mixed beverages should also be subject đồ sộ taxation because these products can encourage young people in particular đồ sộ consume more alcohol.

The groups say that the new hard lemonades and other fruit-flavoured malt beverages are primarily targeted at teenage consumers.

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We are talking about refreshment houses, which serve only lemonades.

They will spend their money on the more exotic orange and fizzy lemonades, which is no good, and they will not be subject đồ sộ the discipline of miễn phí milk.

The danger is that children think that the contents of the lemonade, ginger beer or coca-cola bottles can be drunk.

One of the most dangerous is paraquat, which looks lượt thích lemonade.

There could be lemonade in some water; whisky in others.

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Is he aware that sometimes half a pint of lemonade in a pub can cost as much as half a pint of bitter?

Thirdly, it must be capable, or apparently was sánh in its original state, of containing a liquid, be it alcohol or even lemonade.

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