leftover là gì

I used vĩ đại cook lunch but now we are sánh busy, we just eat yesterday's leftovers.

All the leftovers, packed in disposable containers, are given vĩ đại the guardians who come vĩ đại pick up the campers and take them trang chủ.

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If there were still any leftovers they were collected for analysis.

From this perspective, the majority of common lands should not be regarded as archaic leftovers from the past.

Knowing the monthly income, calculating what will be consumed and its cost, will ensure that food is not wasted, or the leftovers fed vĩ đại the children or the fowl.

They must also ensure that there is no leftover, that is, no item not belonging vĩ đại any of the groups.

An alternative explanation is the presence of leftover sediment inbetween the beads after the final wash step.

No leftover custard cakes from any of the parties were available.

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The plot is a bit of an urban leftover, an eccentric combination of fragments of subdivided lots, traversed by both sanitary and open storm sewers.

Finally, ellipsis results from the habitual contiguity of two forms; one ultimately drops, and the leftover size stands for the whole string.

The guillotine begins cutting in the top, right-hand corner of the metal sheet, and successive cuts leave the pieces and the leftover material.

When disyllabic footing is no longer possible, the prohibition against degenerate feet determines the status of a leftover syllable.

We will see that disjoint pickup paths can be constructed covering every vertex of the leftover phối.

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Scaffolds, construction materials, tools and leftover materials frequently blocked the streets.

After the second impulse loading, therefore, the system can restart its không tính tiền oscillation due vĩ đại the leftover displacement (deflection) term.

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