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The chichero (server of corn beer) is identified by a large spoon with which he is ladling chicha from a fermenting jar.

When he saw bủ, he ladled out a cup of wine and gave it vĩ đại bủ vĩ đại drink.

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Besides sending baskets of food and financial contributions, the nuns had provided his household with an assortment of domestic items: pictures, wooden stools, ladles, and plates.

Things seems vĩ đại be natural extensions of her hands - spoon, warming pot, ladle, pitchers with handles, cup, glass, and pestle.

Non-image (spiked and ladle) censers are, in some senses, virtually an antithesis of hierarchy, physically, metaphorically, and cosmologically.

Then the gold was melted in a ladle censer and was poured into the mold through the channel vĩ đại create the metal object.

However, the use of modeled censers and some pierced ladle and scored censers was restricted vĩ đại less observable, and thus potentially more private, venues.

Ladle censers and scored censers were found in both contexts.

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In the case of decks this had vĩ đại be" payed" which was done by running in hot pitch from a special ladle.

Structure 5 yielded complex, ladle, and scored censers.

Each ladle incensario has an animal head effigy at the juncture of the handle and the cup, with each household using the head of a different animal species.

In short, pension reform is about dishing out pain and, come election time, no one in his right mind wants vĩ đại be caught holding the ladle.

No good at all has been done by the indiscriminate way in which these honours have been ladled out.

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She simply cannot go on ladling out millions of dollars in charity year after year.

I am not given vĩ đại ladling on the syrup.

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