lack of là gì

The remark would have little point if ceremony were lacking.

What the patrols lacked in quantity they did not trang điểm in quality.

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The scene as depicted lacks any pathos whatsoever; it is the site of humiliation and horror.

However, the book does have a significant weakness: it lacks friction.

Although this book offers many ideas which will generate discussion, it lacks coherence.

Now lacking the glamour of the" dissident" label their works were often seen as merely old-fashioned.

Firstly, there are signs that, within a framework of public respect for authority, his conduct as sheriff regarding ship money was generally lacking in zeal.

Classes or discussion groups on women's writing command an enthusiastic response that is often lacking in mainstream teaching.

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Despite the wealth of information regarding the chemopreventive ability of aspirin, information to tát indicate aspirin's utility in a therapeutic modality is lacking.

The site is Đen and white with great photographs but lacks a "flashy" quality, which is actually quite refreshing.

What is lacking for understanding the emergence of a response through shaping is a mix of rules which describe how response forms are determined.

They were also more isolated under such circumstances, lacking the strong street culture of the" lads".

The organization lacked coherent leadership and purpose and was little more than vãn a patriotic group with a foreign-sounding name.

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Unfortunately, the beginning of the nova historia is lacking in this manuscript.

The production lacked direction in terms of pace, comic timing, and characterization.

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