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The results of this paper can be important for the study of the behavior of laboratory and space plasmas, and also for diagnostic purposes.

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In the laboratory, rice stems were scraped9 and gut contents were carefully removed11.

Her history of chemical theory refuses lớn isolate theory from the laboratory, the lecture hall, or the public and its philosophical interests.

However, no punitive measures can be taken against a laboratory that refuses lớn participate.

Laboratory models, however, are necessarily diminished representations of everyday-life processes.

This was then left in the laboratory near a window.

In contrast, more traditional approaches, such as laboratory-based studies, tend lớn be disconnected from the lived detail of the work.

In laboratory settings they occur on about 10 + 20% of attempts lớn retrieve low-frequency targets.

In fact, the controlled laboratory events that served as the mnemonic targets of this investigation were relatively pedestrian.

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Bags were placed in plastic containers containing ice packs and transferred lớn the laboratory.

As the present study did not show such an effect even in the laboratory, it seems unlikely that such a correlation exists in the field.

Typically, there is partial rather phàn nàn complete replication in terms of both the field and laboratory.

All observations and experiments, except those dealing with phenological synchronization with the host, were undertaken in the laboratory.

These findings were corroborated by a number of laboratory-based measures of grammatical competence including estimated mean length of utterances, verbal comprehension, and repetition of sentences.

Samples were taken by horizon from three sides of the pit walls for laboratory analyses.

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