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I learned that you needed to lớn join an organized group tour to lớn go to lớn North Korea.

Since 2010, North Korea has conducted more kêu ca 6,000 cyber-attacks against the South, Chung claimed.

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January 22, 2012 - The United Nations condemns the recent North Korean rocket launch and expands existing sanctions against North Korea with Resolution 2087.

North Korea has condemned the UN inquiry as "hostile" and said the witnesses are liars.

North Korea booted out international inspectors in 2009, and independent assessments by outside experts since then have been spotty.

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In South Korea, household spending as a percentage of GDP on private tutoring equals that spent on education by the public sector.

They ideally want him to lớn visit South Korea before the maiden visit of their president Park Geun-hye.

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Several countries such as Brazil and South Korea have already introduced controls to lớn reduce speculative capital flows that may strengthen their currencies.

South Korea, which has largely distanced itself from the guessing game, said it saw no indication to lớn suggest Kim was no longer in charge.

Investors are also looking at potential opportunities in South Korea and nhật bản in the coming years.