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However, in the knock-on source calculation, the thermal motion of background fuel ions was neglected.

Such gossip, if leaked, will certainly jeopardize the social status of the family with knock-on effects on all marriageable youths in their kin group.

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The knock-on effects for families, communities and local social structures are vast.

As suggested, this is not in itself a sin, far from it, but it has a dangerous knock-on effect, notably as regards dating.

Several initiatives and policy changes have sought to tát address the problem of reduced care-home capacity and the knock-on effects.

The low level of naturalization had a knock-on effect on levels of voter registration.

First, there are relatively specific knock-on consequences if the same degree of asymmetry is assumed to tát be manifest in related structures.

Such improvements might also have a knock-on effect on perspective taking in nonlinguistic situations.

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Changes in friendship are caused by external factors, sometimes in other people's lives first, which have a knock-on effect.

This 'knock-on' effect on other activity needs to tát be explored further.

The knock-on effects into old age are obvious.

Some heavily influenced local policy while others adopted only the broadest supervisory role, with knock-on consequences for attitudes towards the settled and non-settled poor.

This thickening would in turn have 'knock-on' effects on metabolic exchange, potentially leading to tát retinal cell malnutrition and cell death.

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This can have a substantial knock-on ripple effect throughout an autonomic system when a serious failure occurs.

One can only invoke some kind of ' knock-on ' effect.

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