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It is striking that much of the most elaborate and costly jewellery was clearly made đồ sộ be worn and displayed by men.

Other assets incorporated in the measure included jewellery, various household goods (furniture, bicycle, radios), and livestock.

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We must remember that masque performances were great occasions, replete with distractions - royalty, nobility, fancy dress, beautiful women, glorious jewellery.

Some animals are clothed and some wear jewellery.

These included notes, locks of hair and jewellery.

Men who intend đồ sộ participate in the firewalking must not wear shoes or metal objects including rings, buckles or jewellery.

Granted, jewellery may be a source of money when necessary-but does it cause more harm phàn nàn good?

Gold and jewellery were more important as potential sources of cash, especially among women in urban areas.

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My guess is that alliance formation at that time obtains a different meaning which is expressed in the jewellery buried with women as grave goods.

Women and girls came đồ sộ their new homesteads with their own jewellery and were subsequendy buried with them.

It seems that on this train some of the prisoners themselves robbed the dead and dying of watches and jewellery.

For this tên miền, there are object specifications for items of jewellery, designers, and places.

A substantial group of particularly rich items including silver vessels, fine jewellery and early fine glass are only found in royal contexts.

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Indeed, paying homage đồ sộ fashion is a major contribution whether it is 'bling' jewellery, baggy jeans, etc., or displaying the 'in-yer-face' attitude.

Most of the working-class respondents made only short-term alloplastic investments, as with their clothing, make-up or jewellery, that quickly satisfied their aesthetic needs.

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