iterative là gì

This will greatly facilitate the treatment of deformable surfaces using iterative methods.

The development of a useful measurement tool using this approach involves a process of iterative refinement.

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The most important antecedent is previous plus iterative caesarean section.

However, if improved by one step of iterative refinement in fixed precision it is, in most cases, numerically acceptable.

Consolidation can be achieved by iterative access vĩ đại contents, possibly related vĩ đại a single production system.

They may simply be static regressions, or may involve iterative processes that simulate development dynamically on a time-step basis, for example, from day vĩ đại day.

This then leads vĩ đại a simple and elegant iterative scheme because we have a linear relationship between curvature and normal velocity.

For example, all limits and all filtered colimits of iterative algebras are iterative.

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The living process of each newly generated offspring is computationally made through a local optimisation iterative algorithm.

Because of the iterative nature of the research approach and methodology, the team will accommodate the integration of learning as it is occurring.

This is particularly important in areas such as satellite design and virtual prototyping of vehicles, where design is iterative and prototyping is expensive.

This iterative cycle was repeated until the solution converged, usually after 2 or 3 cycles.

The non-linear least squares regression employs an iterative technique which generates the sum of squared residuals vĩ đại be minimized.

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The logic is both iterative, occurring over and over again, and recursive, in that it uses its own results vĩ đại lập cập again.

Our principal goal in this exposition is vĩ đại characterize the relationship between the dynamics of classical iterative methods and that of certain differential systems.

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