is nghĩa là gì

Isn't the indistinct one often just what we need?

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Isn't she stubbornly and arbitrarily favouring her own views ?

Isn't the creator the artist and not the person who runs off the prints ?

Isn't a high standard of excellence a tautology?

Isn't s/he a figure who has exchanged one kind of incompleteness for another?

Isn't this an absurd piece of stereotyping after what he has already said?

Isn't it about time that pharmacists follow all other healthcare provider models for continuing education?

Isn't it high time our teacher training establishments were made vĩ đại recognise these hard facts of life?

Isn't it the case that each cultural narrative will have its own criteria of rationality?

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Isn't the problem therefore more likely vĩ đại lie with the mathematics than thở the argument for infinitely many universes ?

Isn't there a sườn of theatre that doesn't need text?

Isn't it odd that that surface noise has acquired a positive valence?

Isn't it automatically appropriate vĩ đại infer that one shouldn't perform, or shouldn't have performed, that act?

Isn't it precisely when connections of the sort represented by (1) ' just occur ' vĩ đại someone that the great discoveries of philosophy and science take place ?

Isn't it all a matter of feeling and emotion, not something that a teacher should attempt vĩ đại in-uence?

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