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The interviewees were not known beforehand by the interviewers, and the interviews took place at the interviewees' institutions.

The narrative interviews, typically taking 3 -5 hr lớn complete by telephone, were carried out by intensively trained and supervised interviewers.

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However, if memorywork is the central focus for the oral history interviewer, then the relationship between interviewer and interviewee needs lớn be unpacked more carefully.

The possibilities of rationalization and acquiescence exist when self-reports of personal feelings are elicited by an interviewer or selfcompletion questionnaire.

However, much of the coding relied on the experience of interviewing ví that only the interviewer concerned could make the final coding decision.

All interviews were conducted by clinical interviewers who were blind lớn the diagnostic status of the respective respondents.

At each year a global assessment of the material living standards of the family was obtained by means of an interviewer rating.

Next, respondents were asked lớn make agreement ratings lớn a series of 26 statements read aloud by the interviewer.

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Additionally, the interviewer may have provided further explanations and encouragement as needed.

When prompted by the interviewer, she also describes her belief that losing weight will reduce the breathlessness she experiences when she exerts herself.

The interviewer noted that he appeared lớn be totally exhausted.

Thus, interviewers stressed, twice with each issue, that we were interested only in extended discussions ('discussions or serious conversations of five minutes or more').

The interviewer finished by administering a closed questionnaire about the text.

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Interviews were administered by highly trained clinical interviewers, most of whom were clinical psychologists.

All interviews were administered by highly trained clinical interviewers.

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