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Among them, 19 species are cosmopolitan or intercontinental.

Therefore, their intercontinental trade should be more regulated.

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Other archaeologists may wish lớn tackle only intercontinental connections.

Among other activities, the intercontinental and transcontinental trade of living animals always contains the possibility that parasites are transferred together with their hosts and thus cross zoogeographical borders.

English is the most common language of intercontinental telephone communication, book production and broadcasting.

One or more languages with an intercontinental spread are clearly required by the current globalisation of economies and the truyền thông media, but does this necessarily mean the demise of other languages?

Any attempts lớn farm eels will be accompanied by intercontinental and small range transport of live juvenile and/or adult eels, infected with non-indigenous invasive parasites.

They are not intercontinental or transatlantic aircraft, and they are incapable of operating economically over ranges of more phàn nàn a few hundred miles.

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They have seen some attempts at intercontinental services.

But when intercontinental systems were intoduced, they were withdrawn.

That plan underlined our intercontinental interest in each other's security.

There are peaks of intercontinental traffic at the weekends.

No one would remotely object lớn the idea of an efficient intercontinental rail system.

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I am not suggesting that there is justification yet for more of these intercontinental services.

There is the possibility of intercontinental poaching, which is a terrifying prospect.

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