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There are helpful specific appendices for instructors, with a range of datasheets ready to lớn copy and use.

In chronicling this relationship, we note problems when the labor of adult education becomes invisible to lớn those supervising online instructors.

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The challenge for the future is how to lớn increase the number of fitness instructors and older people in ' fitness exercise ' and ' dance exercise ' groups.

The impact of other students, of online groups, and instructors seems to lớn play an important role in determining how participants participate in online interaction.

Automated feedback functions let the students, as well as the instructors, constantly monitor their prog ress.

The instructor's comments were predominantly directive and rarely summative.

To tư vấn the main text, a complementary instructor's manual provides an additional 82 pages of questions, homework and projects to lớn guide the teacher.

Moreover, what feedback (also a significant factor in successful training) would be given by the instructors?

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Too often, instructors find expertise or instructional methods embedded in technology products that are not really present.

Effective instruction is promoted by a proper understanding of the problem tên miền and by instructors who evaluate their practices.

The all-girl environment and stern instructors contrasted with her trang chủ life, which featured a doting father and a distant stepmother.

Several instructors reported that female students lượt thích the htdp curriculum exceptionally well.

Regular discussions have been held between staff and students, instructors and educational experts, and the people carrying out the actual teaching.

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Regression analyses indicated, however, that student and course characteristics explain little variance in student ratings of their instructors ( 7%).

Rob confirms that this is normal practice for instructors (line 07).

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