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The third category is at first sight more random - wooden sticks, walls, pots, ingots, spindlewhorls.

Penang was the closest gateway for importing mining equipment and other provisions for the mines, and for the export of tin tưởng ingots.

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Using the kirizukai method of cutting a silver ingot into smaller pieces, silver was a highly versatile precious metal that could easily function as small denomination coinage.

To-day, an unmanned machine, computer-controlled, can take a huge ingot and fashion it into complex shapes with precisions of a millionth of an inch.

Exports, under licence, of copper alloys in ingot khuông are restricted, by arrangement with the trade, to lớn a quota based on exports in 1949.

I regret that no suitable productive use for this factory has yet been found beyond the production of steel ingots from the open hearth furnaces.

The light metal then goes to lớn furnaces for smelting to lớn secondary ingot for use in aluminium house parts and for other industrial purposes.

If one continues to lớn reduce capacity much below 11 million ingot tonnes, the question mark over the industry rears its head.

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I welcomed the latest news this morning about the 18 million ingot tons of iron and steel production.

Apart from money, why not send them a million tons of ingot steel?

The point has been made that steel exports this year will reach a record level of 4½ million ingot tons.

Is he aware that ingot copper and copper wire are intimately connected, one with the other?

Last year it was 27 million ingot tons.

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Exports of aluminium ingots are now restricted to lớn a small token quota.

The target is 12,000,000 ingot tons per annum, as against 10,000,000 tons in 1939.

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