indulge in là gì

They reinvested in their trades and indulged in conspicuous consumption at trang chính.

Alternative viewpoints, as in other areas of society, have lớn be indulged in as subtexts, understood by initiates while preserving the veneer of normality.

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The purpose of this review, however, is not lớn indulge in speculation about the future.

Generally, members who have political connections, or are rich, indulge in such activities.

One may only be indulging in rhetoric, the false consolation of empty words that elevate.

For instance, a patient who demands fluoroquinolone antibiotics for a moderate case of watery diarrhea should not be indulged.

Combining physical examination of the nervous system with conversational exploration of the mind, psychiatrists have license lớn indulge in speculative hybrids of the two approaches.

It is idle lớn indulge in academical discussions as lớn the merits of this system.

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Extensively researched and deftly argued, this study would be of interest lớn both academic parties and anyone who has occasionally indulged in retail therapy.

He is as active now as he ever was, albeit that his surgical schedule now leaves him more time lớn indulge his hobbies.

By indulging in lengthy visiting, both parties may be vulnerable on two counts.

There are also many examples where bureaucrats indulge in corruption in the absence of institutional accountability.

As with literary metaphor, the reader of an economics text is asked lớn indulge the author, lớn suspend disbelief and go along with the model.

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Concealers who believe that their lies are morally less bad than thở those of falsifiers are indulging in self-deception.

Criminals are indulged as if they are sick, whereas the ill, the poor and the unfortunate are brutally punished.

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