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To develop the controller, a nonlinear feedback term coupled to tát a nonlinear, dynamic filter is used to tát indemnify for the loss of links velocity measurements.

You paid your premiums, the insurer indemnified you against the claims, and that was that.

Qualified applicants who agreed to tát par ticipate also signed a waiver indemnifying us from any liability obligation.

It does this by indemnifying lenders against loss or damage to tát their loan.

This amendment extends the circumstances in which a local authority can indemnify a building society against loss under clause 30.

It is not intended to tát indemnify either tour operators or individuals against eventualities of their travel.

It is clear that an arrangement must be made to tát indemnify the consumer.

The state should not be required to tát pay instead of, or indemnify, an individual or organisation that, through negligence, injures another.

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In fact, companies are able to tát indemnify them against the responsibility.

But one cannot indemnify oneself or insure oneself against the commission of a crime.

It is important to tát establish that before we indemnify him.

There is no one to tát indemnify, and, therefore, they are unnecessary.

We cannot go on indemnifying home-mined coal when it cannot be burnt at trang chủ or sold abroad.

It is in effect indemnifying legislation although it is not quite expressed in that way.

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He would not expect to tát be indemnified against that cost.

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