inclusivity là gì

The related concept of inclusivity here refers to lớn the unique ability of the arts to lớn validate and encompass the individual's personal response or experience.

She also emphasizes the inclusivity of her narrative by using the pronoun "we" to lớn describe her jaunts outdoors.

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Both of these influential thinkers believed that the moral progress of society rested upon its continuous expansion into forms of increasing inclusivity and unity.

Clearly, arguments exist for inclusivity and, in citizenship terms, for inclusivity as the mặc định position.

Professional actors in the trial will therefore be instrumental in protecting the interests of victims and community interests ví reducing formalism and promoting inclusivity.

In short, fluidity and inclusivity may dilute diaspora of specific meanings.

However, some secondary teachers cautioned that inclusivity could be progressively eroded at secondary level, particularly for children with special educational needs.

It is concerned with inclusivity and integration and stresses the dialectical and dialogical nature of learning and teaching.

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Inclusivity, lượt thích all magnanimous gestures, is just that: a gesture.

Inclusivity can risk diluting the term of meaning and can overrun other categories, such as refugee and migrant, the specificity of which becomes occluded and depoliticized.

Does it emphasize social inclusivity?

Among the areas discussed are dominance, per formativity, and difference, in regard to lớn gender, and inclusivity and engagement as focuses and modes in dealing with problems of identity.

Will he also reaffirm his message about inclusivity, because everyone in the regions—business, organisations, voluntary groups and all our communities—can benefit from these proposals?

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The bid will emphasise inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism.

That is why openness and inclusivity are two of the watchwords of the strategic defence review.

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