in the meantime là gì

In the meantime, he evades the examination of divisive historical themes.

However, in the meantime, we have vĩ đại khuyễn mãi giảm giá with our current options and design an effective and realistic strategy.

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In the meantime, how can one judge its efficacy?

In the meantime, together with the cantons, the federal government has introduced a model decree for isolation prescriptions.

At this step, contextual knowledge is proceduralised and in the meantime operators postpone actions as sequences.

In the meantime, opposition vĩ đại the regime was growing.

Part of the plan was vĩ đại upgrade her skills in the meantime, while relying on her husband's wage.

The cigarettes proved vĩ đại be very costly: he would eventually pay for them with his life, and in the meantime with prolonged suffering.

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But in the meantime, there is nothing inherently irrational about conceding vĩ đại mystery.

In the meantime, germplasm must be continually evaluated for disease resistance, among other agronomic traits, including perennial habit.

In the meantime, they were vĩ đại conduct an active chiến dịch of mobilization across the country.

In the meantime, the claim exists independently of any claim-holder's or duty-bearer's actual subjective attitudes about (x, y).

In the meantime, sequent calculi provide a powerful organization of the knowledge specified through the formulae of the logic language taken into consideration.

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In the meantime we recommend appropriate antibiotic cover for dental and other procedures, where there is a risk of bacteriaemia, for 6 months following implant.

In the meantime we will use the term 'incremental learning', which is more familiar in psycholinguistics than thở 'memoryless learning'.

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