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It is true that…, yet the fact remains that…

Đúng là..., tuy nhiên mặt khác tao cũng nhận biết...

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All of this points to tát the fact that…

Tất cả những lập luận này đều dẫn cho tới Tóm lại...

It is a well-known fact that…

Hầu như ai ai cũng biết về/biết rằng...

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

In fact, the creation of the world and of human beings is said to tát have been the handiwork of the "diwata".

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It is in fact a deer forest; an area maintained by the owners primarily for deer stalking.

Although the maids thought there was a treasure in the crate, they in fact found a baby boy inside.

In fact, the progressive ophthalmoplegia is often unnoticed till decreased ocular motility limits peripheral vision.

They have no visible eyes or ears; in fact, they are blind - the small eyes are covered with hairy skin.

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in fact


  • as a matter of fact
  • in point of fact

in accordance with trạng từ