improvised là gì

The opposite behaviour, ' improvising' a speech unrehearsed and without regard for the audience and the occasion, was equally foolhardy and condemned.

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Improvisors engage in dialogue with a computer-driven, interactive ' 'virtual improvising orchestra' '.

What is being proposed here is not dissimilar, the difference being that the music is improvised as is the accompaniment.

Everything has to tướng be improvised, and the improvisation will take time.

The process itself is split between trying out particular ideas suggested by team members and improvising as a group.

The dishevelled quartet subsequently continues its parade through the village, staggering blissfully arm-in-arm while improvising a dissonant new verse of their tuy vậy.

We improvised, yet the improvisation was effor tless.

Finally, four on-stage musicians improvised freely throughout the work.

If studies on communication show that women and men often communicate differently, there may also be differences between male and female musical styles while improvising.

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The genre is most suited to tướng his background as a musician, with all work being primarily improvised.

I will argue in this review for the rhetorical category ex tempore as a possible candidate in lieu of ' improvised'.

She improvises them all, one after another, but none appears satisfactory - none, that is, until a 'large exuberant lady' gets involved.

Moreover, re-ecting on the signi®cance of the activity may create a pedagogical tool for understanding the relationship between improvising and composing.

Much of this was improvised and largely ineffective.

They delight specially in improvising variations to tướng the melody.

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