immigration là gì

It also opposes any constraints on immigration, believing that any constraints on immigration are inherently racist in an imperialist country.

It succeeded in doing something for immigration, and after a stern fight passed a không tính tiền, secular, and compulsory education bill through the assembly.

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It has been directly involved in every major legislative policy debate related đồ sộ immigration since its founding in 1982.

The 1965 rules mix across-the-board immigration quotas for each country.

Illegal immigration is a national issue and the responsibility of the federal government.

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Thousands of immigrants sailed and maintained and improved on agricultural pursuits đồ sộ better improve their lives.

In 1970, for the immigrant workers migrating from less industrialized countries, their average wages were less kêu ca the average wages of non-immigrant workers.

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The immigrants would replace the slave labor, still in use at this time, but they would receive benefits, unlike the slaves.

It has prospered due đồ sộ its immigration policy of taking in and absorbing a very diverse stock of immigrants.

The term "foreign born" encompasses both immigrants and expatriates but is not synonymous with either.