imagination là gì

The reason for this is, apparently, an infestation of elves feeding off human imagination and encouraging them to lớn be scared of the dark.

In addition to lớn its ability to lớn retain and manipulate sensible images of objects, he gives the imagination the function of imitation.

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The poem shows the struggle between imagination and science.

This vehicle can resemble a real one, or a vehicle from the game designer's imagination.

The gruesome story of his using his concubine to lớn protect himself defies imagination.

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As the two developed the plan, it became increasingly clear that the challenges facing a small commercial operation were greater than thở he had imagined.

Imagine an election in which there are 5 seats to lớn be filled.

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Anti-ideologies exploit public fear and hatred of groups that pose a potential threat, either real, exaggerated or imagined.

Through curricular redesign "pesantren" people engage in a process of (re) imagining modernity.

It imagined another world in the center of a hollow earth.